Lauren Luloff


by Kendra Jayne Patrick

For as long as she can remember, Lauren Luloff has been trying to make a good, beautiful painting, and by many accounts she has succeeded. New York Times reviewer Roberta Smith reported being “knocked out” by a recent one at her Show Room show earlier this year; upon learning that I recently sat down with Luloff, Gallerist Editor Andrew Russeth remarked that she was “fantastic…a real … Continue reading »

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Southern Comfort: Todd Bienvenu’s Solo Show at Life on Mars Gallery


by Jason Stopa

Todd Bienvenu. Lotto (2014). Image courtesy of Life on Mars Gallery.

Todd Bienvenu’s first solo show in New York entitled, “Borrowing Tomorrow’s Fun” will headline at Life on Mars Gallery this September.  The title is a reference to a pre-hangover – drinking on Friday night, stealing the happiness from the hangover of Saturday morning.  His latest works are full of raw energy and humor.  On-Verge caught up … Continue reading »

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On-Verge July Listings

Extended Model by Henry Gunderson

by Jason Stopa

Adam Henry. Untitled (2014). Image courtesy of Joe Sheftel Gallery.

The Hole

Go With the Flow: A group show of atomized paint

July 10 – August 23, 2014

The Hole kicks off summer with Go With The Flow, bringing together a cross section of artists who employ sprayed paint. Airbrush techniques, gradients and sometimes mechanically sprayed – these works reflect a punchy, renewed interest in digital aesthetics.… Continue reading »

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Letter From Paris: Joseph Nechvatal’s Velvet Love

Joseph Nechvatal

by Matthew Rose

Galerie Richard
74, rue de Turenne
Paris, France  75003
May 30 – July 19, 2014

Joseph Nechvatal, June 2014.  Image courtesy of Joseph Nechvatal and Galarie Richard / Paris.

It is fair to say that Warhol owned Campbell’s Soup cans, Coke bottles and Marilyn the way Pollock owned paint drips, Hopper hotels and lonely diners, and Koons polished steel balloon poodles. It might also be fair to … Continue reading »

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Profile of BAS and Trestle Gallery: A Conversation between Michael Brennan and Rhia Hurt



Brooklyn Art Space and Trestle Gallery is located in Gowanus.  With an innovative approach to programming, they offer studio space, exhibition space, talks and panels, to name a few.  Artist and Director of Brooklyn Art Space, Rhia Hurt, recently sat down with artist Michael Brennan.  In this interview, Hurt and Brennan discuss the art scene in lower Brooklyn, current trends, and balancing the life/work/artist act.  

MB: Tell me about … Continue reading »

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Book Review: Against Ambiance

Against Ambience by Seth Kim-Cohen book cover

by Joseph Nechvatal

Seth Kim-Cohen’s concise but punchy e-book Against Ambience puts forth a fervently pithy polemic aimed at what he determined was an epidemic of anti-conceptual ambient sound and light exhibitions in New York City last summer (2013); citing: Robert Irwin at the Whitney, James Turrell at the Guggenheim, Soundings at MoMA, Janet Cardiff at the Met, the show ambient at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (curated by Tim Griffin), and … Continue reading »

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The Sassy Bravado That is Susan Bee


by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Susan Bee. Fighters (1983). Oil on linen, 64″ x 48″. Image courtesy of A.I.R. Gallery.

A.I.R. Gallery
April 3 — April 27, 2014

An irrepressible spirit is evident in Susan Bee’s playful tableaux vivants. Stylistic and contextual juxtapositions produce novel propositions that are simultaneously venerative and impish. Tragedy and comedy share the ring where Bee challenges our assumptions about heroism, gender and self-expression.  … Continue reading »

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