Julia Westerbeke’s Morphology

Westerbeke Installation

by Vanessa Thill

Julia Westerbeke. Installation view of Morphology. September 2014.

Morphology is Julia Westerbeke’s first solo exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery and builds on idiosyncratic techniques that the artist has been developing over several years. By turns meticulous and impetuous, Westerbeke’s approach to materials is stunning in its detail. Nearly microscopic pen-work spreads out across surfaces like bacteria, seeming to self-reproduce ad infinitum. Her paper cuts are miraculous in their … Continue reading »

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Katherine Bradford Interviews JJ Manford


In this interview, painter Katherine Bradford talks with painter JJ Manford. Manford makes paintings that are visionary, ecstatic and luminous. The two talk about his practice, fatherhood and the intersection of art and life.

Katherine Bradford: When I first saw your paintings several years ago they were small and dark and abstract. Your recent show at Freight & Volume had large, luminous paintings, fantastically colored and loaded with imagery from … Continue reading »

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LOVE WITHOUT RESERVE: Poems from the Revolution


By Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Moscow in the Plague Year, Poems Marina Tsvetaeva Translated by Christopher Whyte Archipelago Books, 2014

The only thing on my bucket list is to put flowers on Marina Tsvetaeva’s grave in the snow. Something she hoped future admirers would do. Unfortunately, her gravesite is unknown — a sad testament to her tragic end.

All the poems in this volume were written between 1918 and 1920 during … Continue reading »

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A guest in Gowanus: A visit to Judy Rifka’s studio in Brooklyn


By Mark Bloch

I cannot stop touching the bulging, sensuous white areas that look like they are not painted on but oozing, no, raising up out of the canvas, an effect she said was not intended but “extra.” Lucky for my sense of touch, the whipped cream-like puffiness is but a bi-product of her process. Judy Rifka cannot be contained. Her white areas cannot keep in her black areas. Her … Continue reading »

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Marianna Olinger Interviews Keren Moscovitch


In this interview, Marianna Olinger sits down with artist Keren Moscovitch. The two discuss the nature of sexuality and spirituality in Moscovitch’s work. Using photography, video and her own personal life as a medium, Moscovitch attempts to explore her own definitions of intimacy.

Marianna Olinger:        You often describe your work as being about connection, intimacy, sexuality and taboo. How did that emerge?

Keren Moscovitch:     I was in a fairly traditional … Continue reading »

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Lost for Words by Matthew Rose in Paris


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To Leo, A Tribute – Sideshow Galley


by Paul Corio

Matthew Deleget, Shuffle (for Felix Pupi Legarreta), acrylic on MDF 18×18 inches 2010

The big story in the New York art world for well over a year now is the broad reemergence of abstract painting.  After nearly fifty years of adamant declarations of its death, its self-indulgence, its inaccessibility, its inadequacy in the face of political injustice, plus a laundry list of other indictments articulating its lack … Continue reading »

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