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Collage and the Landscape of Familiarity

by John McKissick

Moon (mother), 2015 Broom snakeweed plants, twine, paint

from the bed to the mountain evokes Mira Burack’s home in the foothills of the Ortiz Mountains of New Mexico. Elaborated through photocollaged installations and collections of found objects, this landscape of familiarity includes both intimate domestic space and the natural world. Inside and outside meet in the mountainous wall mural leafed together from cutout photos of a rumpled … Continue reading »

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Cordy Ryman: Chimera 45

Cordy Ryman, Chimera 45, 2015, Acrylic, enamel on wood, Installation view_high res-2

Lara Saget in conversation with Cordy Ryman at Zürcher Gallery about his new solo exhibition Chimera 45, on view through May 7th. Zürcher Gallery is located 33 Bleecker Street in New York.

Cordy Ryman. Chimera 45, 2015. Acrylic, enamel on wood. Installation view. Courtesy Zürcher Gallery.

Lara Saget: It seems that you respond to objects in a very visceral way. Did you collect objects as a child?  

Cordy Ryman: I … Continue reading »

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Snippets: An interview with Pier Stockholm


by Nanda Janssen

Pier Stockholm, “Do & Hope”, sidewalk view, 2015. credit photo: Anto Hinh-Thai

Editor’s note: About a year ago a new exhibition space appeared in Paris, France called Gleichapel. Gleichapel is currently the smallest art platform in the city of light. As a platform – not a gallery – director Jeff  Gleich is focused on presenting contemporary art projects by emerging artists. “Though works are for sale to … Continue reading »

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Gray Spaces curated by Ben Gansky

Fire Drill

by Samuel Draxler

Performance by Fire Drill. January 9, 2015. The Special Effects Festival. Photo courtesy of Fire Drill.

Transmedia artwork – work that moves between genres and forms – is never wholly foreign. By working with the materials of multiple disciplines, transmedia artists reproduce genre conventions and themes. This type of intermedia performance was the focus of Gray Spaces, an evening of performance curated by Ben Gansky that took … Continue reading »

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Amanda Turner Pohan’s The Signals Are Caressing Us: A Circular Formula


by Lara Saget

Amanda Turner Pohan. The Signals Are Caressing Us. Digital Image. aphenomenologicaldomai. aphenomenologicaldomain, 2015. Web. 29 Jan 2015.

Amanda Turner Pohan circularly transforms the ontological into the digital and the digital into the phenomenological. Her installation The Signals Are Caressing Us, recently on view at A.I.R. Gallery, makes manifest the space where biology and technology meet. The installation itself is comprised of multiple elements. Upon entrance, the viewer … Continue reading »

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Riad Miah Interviewed by Eileen Jeng


Riad Miah. Factor Mural (After Fibonacci) Installation. 2014. Installation view at Simon Gallery.

In Fall of 2014, Eileen Jeng, archivist at Sperone Westwater and independent curator, sat down with artist, Riad Miah. In this interview, Miah discusses his process as a painter, growing up in Trinidad and New York, and art as a means toward self discovery.  (Edited and produced by Jason Stopa.)… Continue reading »

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‘Moun Room’—A Question of Simple Geometry

Thomas Houseago Moun Room

On view until January 17, 2015 at  Hauser & Wirth, 511 West 18th Street New York

by Lara Saget

Moun Room. Digital Image. Wallpaper. Wallpaper, 2014. Web. 12 Dec 2014.

Thomas Houseago’s ‘Moun Room,’ on view at Hauser & Wirth’s downtown New York City location, is an immersive environment, inviting human participation while structurally echoing human, celestial, and architectural figuration. The installation itself measures approximately 37 feet by 45 feet … Continue reading »

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