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Leonard Contino: Paintings


by Valerie Wang

Triangles, squares, circles. Most of us are introduced to these most basic shapes in childhood and they often seem irrelevant for the rest of our lives. As we develop, we become more attached to more complex objects. Yet, Contino reminds viewers that bare geometric shapes have the ability to tap into our senses and serve as a means of expression no matter where we are in our … Continue reading »

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In the Underworld, the Underdog is on Top

by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Clayton Patterson and Elsa Rensaa | Outside In | Curated by Ted Riederer | Howl! Happening | June 19 – August 14, 2015… Continue reading »

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“Control Panel” at Honey Ramka Gallery


by Johanna Juni

Control Panel | Honey Ramka | 56 Bogart Street | Brooklyn


Installation view with CMY2K (2015) by Ben Garthus and Itt (2015) by James O. Clark. Image courtesy of  Honey Ramka Gallery.… Continue reading »
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Poetic Science Fiction

by Mira Dayal

You will find Julia Westerbeke’s art in a realm where National Geographic, Fantastic Planet, The Botany Coloring Book, and White Noise coalesce. She is inspired by nature–or rather, the intrusions of human creations into nature. Industrial tubes collecting maple from trees and chain link fences absorbed into bark formations have been past references for her work. Rather than mimicking these effects, however, the artist creates her own … Continue reading »

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Translucent Threads of Dawn by Elizabeth Kley


by Jacob Kiernan

Regina Rex | 221 Madison Avenue | June 14–July 26th

Elizabeth Kley. Turquoise Birdcage with Roof Semicircles. 2015. Glazed ceramic. 24 x 15 x 14 inches.… Continue reading »
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Yvette Drury Dubinsky on “Tondos, Tornadoes, Torpedoes”

Aleppo Drowning

by Mira Dayal

After speaking with New York artist Yvette Drury Dubinsky about her latest A.I.R. exhibition, the process and development of Tondos, Tornadoes, Torpedoes gained clear historical significance and context within the artist’s body of work. The gallery walls showcase two parallel attempts to document not only Dubinsky’s travels and visual vocabulary, but also a global anxiety over the preservation and security of people, places, and ruins.

Aleppo Drowning… Continue reading »

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The Color Salmon – Tina Barney at Paul Kasmin

PK 20112

by Jacob Kiernan

TINA BARNEY – FOUR DECADES Paul Kasmin Gallery MAY 7, 2015 – JUN 20, 2015

Tina Barney. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Castelli, 1998. Chromogenic color print. 48 x 60 in, 121.9 x 152.4 cm.

Few forget seeing Tina Barney’s prodigious family photographs for the first time. Clad in matching pink robes, crowded around a sturdy kitchen table, barbecuing shirtless, these images have become iconic of New England … Continue reading »

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