Thomas Micchelli Interviewed by Linda Francis

Thomas Micchelli, 2 Bacchantes (bent & straight), 2015. oil on panel, 24 x 18 inches

Thomas Micchelli. 2 Bacchantes (bent & straight). 2015. Oil on panel. 24 x 18 in.

On the occasion of Thomas Micchelli’s solo exhibition, Bacchantes and Bivalves, the artist sat down with fellow artist, Linda Francis.  In this interview, Micchelli discusses his interest in mythology, sensuality and the interplay between painting and drawing.  Bacchantes and Bivalves is on view until March 1, 2015 at John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY.… Continue reading »

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Riad Miah Interviewed by Eileen Jeng


Riad Miah. Factor Mural (After Fibonacci) Installation. 2014. Installation view at Simon Gallery.

In Fall of 2014, Eileen Jeng, archivist at Sperone Westwater and independent curator, sat down with artist, Riad Miah. In this interview, Miah discusses his process as a painter, growing up in Trinidad and New York, and art as a means toward self discovery.  (Edited and produced by Jason Stopa.)… Continue reading »

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Katherine Bradford Interviews JJ Manford


In this interview, painter Katherine Bradford talks with painter JJ Manford. Manford makes paintings that are visionary, ecstatic and luminous. The two talk about his practice, fatherhood and the intersection of art and life.

Katherine Bradford: When I first saw your paintings several years ago they were small and dark and abstract. Your recent show at Freight & Volume had large, luminous paintings, fantastically colored and loaded with imagery from … Continue reading »

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Marianna Olinger Interviews Keren Moscovitch


In this interview, Marianna Olinger sits down with artist Keren Moscovitch. The two discuss the nature of sexuality and spirituality in Moscovitch’s work. Using photography, video and her own personal life as a medium, Moscovitch attempts to explore her own definitions of intimacy.

Marianna Olinger:        You often describe your work as being about connection, intimacy, sexuality and taboo. How did that emerge?

Keren Moscovitch:     I was in a fairly traditional … Continue reading »

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Profile of BAS and Trestle Gallery: A Conversation between Michael Brennan and Rhia Hurt



Brooklyn Art Space and Trestle Gallery is located in Gowanus.  With an innovative approach to programming, they offer studio space, exhibition space, talks and panels, to name a few.  Artist and Director of Brooklyn Art Space, Rhia Hurt, recently sat down with artist Michael Brennan.  In this interview, Hurt and Brennan discuss the art scene in lower Brooklyn, current trends, and balancing the life/work/artist act.  

MB: Tell me about … Continue reading »

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How Do You Do It? – Jason Stopa interviews Robert C. Morgan

Portrait of Robert C. Morgan. 2013.

On-Verge: You’re a critic, artist, poet, art historian and professor.  How do these varied interests affect one another?  And how do you allot time for each?

Robert C. Morgan: First off, I would like to rephrase the question. I am an art critic — this is true, but I am also a practicing artist. After completing my MFA in 1975, I was encouraged to … Continue reading »

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New Eyes For New Spaces at ISCP

New Eyes for New Spaces, installation 2013, courtesy of of the International Studio and Curatorial Program.

A conversation with curators Jess Wilcox and Francesca Sonara

New Eyes for New Spaces, installation 2013, courtesy of of the International Studio and Curatorial Program.

New Eyes For New Spaces, an exhibition curated by recent CCS Bard alumnae Jess Wilcox and Francesca Sonara, is a timely dialogue between five artists whose works investigate abstract and fragmented representations of place in the age of digital technologies. … Continue reading »

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