An Ecology of Philadelphia’s Art Scene


by Daniel Gerwin

Photo depicts a public discussion scheduled as part of a series of programs developed in conjunction with “Francis Cape: Utopian Benches” (November 10, 2011 – January 2, 2012). The theme of this particular discussion, which occurred on Dec 14, 2011, was “Crafting Ideal America: Material Culture and American Utopianism”. The conversation was led by Lynsey Graeff (student enrolled in Temple University course entitled “Ideal America: Reform, Revolution,… Continue reading »
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Color in America


On November 8th Jo Carole Lauder and the Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies (FAPE) announced its new collaboration with Crayola, the American crayon company that markets its products specifically to children. FAPE will now expand its reach and introduce the work of American artists, featured in their prized print collection, to students across the country. The partnership between FAPE and Crayola is significant since it weaves art appreciation … Continue reading »

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Nola Zirin at Simon Gallery in Morristown, New Jersey


by Jonathan Goodman

 Nola Zirin. Duality, 2015  oil on canvas  72 x 60 inches.


The work of Nola Zirin is both subtle and complex. Her art, thoroughly nonobjective, suggests the influence of the Russian constructivists, but she is committed to a complicated array of imagery that can at times feel nearly Bosch-like in its teeming activity. This is art that does in fact look to the past, but it … Continue reading »

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Koosil-ja at The Kitchen


by Mira Dayal

“Capitalism” connotes an all-consuming practice of labor, a collapse of leisure into labor, a tireless machine… what can dance offer in translation? Koosil-ja’s “I Am Capitalism” suggests an answer: exhaustion, and a possible collapse of the machine. On stage, she gives us inward pointing feet, shaking knees, endlessly tracking eyes, and visceral collapse. She borrows from and imperfectly mimes the dances of masters before her–in an assemblage … Continue reading »

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Lisa Marei Schmidt: A-Z The Marzona Collection

A-Z The Marzona Collection 1

by Lara Saget

A-Z. The Marzona Collection. Digital Image. Hamburger Bahnhof. Hamburger Bahnhof, 2015. Web. Sept 2015.

In conversation with Lisa Marei Schmidt, curator of A-Z The Marzona Collection on view from January 24, 2014- May 29, 2016 at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Lara Saget: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Let’s begin with your educational background to better understand your curatorial practice. What … Continue reading »

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An Interview with Isabel Waquil


by Georgina Ustik

Cláudia Barbisan, Exposição Obscenidades para Donas de Casa (2014) Isabel Waquil is the co-founder of the website “Mulheres na Arte Contemporânea,” or “Women in Contemporary Art”. Originally from Brazil, she has been based in New York City for the past few months, where she has been conducting interviews with members of the A.I.R. Gallery in order to explore the purpose and possibilities of a women’s cooperative art… Continue reading »
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Book Review: The Posthuman by Rosi Braidotti

The Posthuman by Rosi Braidotti cover

by Joseph Nechvatal

Paperback: 180 pages Publisher: Polity (2013) http://politybooks.com/book.asp?ref=9780745641584

Contemporary philosopher and feminist theoretician, Rosi Braidotti’s The Posthuman is a rather academically heavy book in terms of esoteric cryptic jargon (for some) that skims from Spinoza, Deleuze, Foucault, Latour, Haraway and others. Regardless, it still is a rather enthralling Cultural Studies type look into something very important: the sometimes frightening, sometimes hysterical, glittering techno-world in which we find ourselves. … Continue reading »

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