All that Glitters: Don’t Miss A Shared Evening LAURIE BERG AND AYNSLEY VANDENBROUCKE at Danspace Project

Photo: Siri Peterson; Image: Aynsley Vandenbroucke

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Laurie Berg’s A Different Brand Of Chaos in-progress twice: I still don’t know what to expect or what I’ll make of it, but I know I won’t miss it.

As those who have seen Berg perform with longtime collaborator Siri Peterson know, there’s likely to be glitter, humor, and some surprises. Berg and Peterson’s collaboration is well developed and their performance energy is intimate, raw, and uncannily in-sync. Without giving anything away, I’ll just say the last time I saw a section of the piece there were audible gasps from the audience with people shifting and whispering within the first few minutes.

Berg and Peterson circle each other  sliding, slipping, and swaying with a sheer physicality so compelling one almost forgets that they are two bodies, not one. Exploding, falling, diving: the kneepads have function as well as meaning.  There’s likely to be feathered headdresses as well, red and blue gloves, and movements that morph meaning as fast you can feel.

They leave the stage. They leave you thinking.  Dazzled.  Moved in your body and moved in your brain. Still pulsing from the pleasures of the performance you begin to think maybe there’s more than glitter going on here…  And then it starts to get really interesting, but don’t take my word for it.

March 17-19, 2011 Thursday-Saturday at 8:00PM
$18 ($12 Members)

Part of Platform 2011: Body Madness – Rhythm & Humor, curated by David Parker.  For more information visit

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Kerrie Welsh is an experimental filmmaker whose work has been presented in galleries, festivals, and international conferences. She teaches in Tisch School of the Arts’ Undergraduate Film & Television program.
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