At the Homefront

Hidemi Takagi’s “Blender” at The Homefront Gallery in Long Island City (26-23 Jackson Avenue) 12 February – 9 April 2011.

The Homefront is a brilliant gallery space that aims to bring together objects that address the “homefront”. There is a focus on the home as a place where we design our daily lives – socially, culturally and politically.

The next exhibition, featuring the work of Japanese native Hidemi Takagi, blends together product recognition with the foods of ethnic communities throughout New York City. An ice cream cart and newsstand featuring products will recreate the context of a store. Like Claes Oldenburg’s Store the artist established a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, while commenting on our dependency for commercial  goods.

Artist Statement: “Blender is my ongoing project in which I investigate the diverse immigrant cultures in New York City. The project includes photos of the packaging of food products from various neighborhoods with a large immigrant influence accompanied by texts (short stories as well as notes on the history, culture, and trivia relating to immigrant-heavy areas), maps, and a website. I’m showing photos and presenting short texts on the New York City neighborhoods where the photographed food products can be found. The look of these food packages often has an old-fashioned feel: bright, saturated colors and outmoded designs that are rare in both Japan, where I’m from, and America, where I now live. Through this project I hope to show that art can transcend time and language even through the simplest imagery found on a candy wrapper. Blender is a lens into New York’s immigrant communities and cultures.”

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