C’est si Bon: Sydney Albertini “éphémère” through March 12 at the French Institute Alliane Française (fi:af gallery)

Exhibition Shot courtesy of fi:af's Website

22 East 60th Street

fi:af gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 11am until 6pm and Saturday from 11am until 5pm.

Courtesy of fi:af's Website

New Yorkers haven’t received tax returns yet, so their trips to Paris may not happen until well into May. Luckily the fi:af gallery at the French Institute Alliance Française displays the paintings of Paris born and New York bread Sydney Albertini with the second half of her two-part series éphémère. Known for her popular pottery and quilt works, Albertini blossoms as her oeuvre does with large-scale oil and charcoal works.

The French word éphémère nearly translates to the English word “ephemeral” or “fleeting,” which accurately describes Albertini’s formal style: a limited yet bold color palette, thick lines, flatten and broken pictorial space (one image may be portrayed on four unconnected canvases). She illuminates the fun of fashion by focusing on the garment’s texture, color and movement. Her subjects, presumably women wearing the decorative vêtements, nearly disappear into her unfinished canvases and are only depicted by faint black strokes.

If anyone has missed Albertini’s first part of this series, than he or she should not make haste and visit éphémère at fi:af gallery.

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