CHERYL Administrative Soul

CHERYL: ADMINISTRATIVE SOUL Saturday June 11, 2011 10pm-4am @ The Bell House (149 7th Street Brooklyn NY) $5 before midnight / $10 after

Yes, we all have day jobs. Most days you sit quietly in your 3’x3’x3′ cubicle, typing your life away. You stare into the vacuous glare of the computer screen. You try and remember the last time that you saw daylight.

On Saturday, June 11 you notice an icon on your desktop that you have never seen before: a glowing cat’s eye; a revelation; your destiny. You click on it. A pop up window appears. Your computer screen freezes — the whirling rainbow beach ball of DOOM! Fake blood and fog juice begin to leak out of your keyboard as Barbara, Carol, and Susan emerge from the staff cafeteria and start dancing your way. They set your purchasing paperwork on fire and glitterscream in your face, yanking you through the computa screen; suddenly you’re dancing uncontrollably in a sea of pleated khakis, button downs, and mom jeans. You feel a strong sense of belonging, an overwhelming desire for Sanka, and an inexplicable need to stamp forms in triplicate.

Think biz-casual, mobile faxes, wall-to-wall carpeting, staccato typing, Judith Light, rhythmic filing, 2:00pm despair, Kingsborough Community College, punch cards, interoffice memos, scrunch socks, 401(hayyyys), TPS reports, internet wormholes, over-caffeinated over-sharing, Dolly Parton+Lily Tomlin, Quill, stale breath, and big whites.

Fake Money spins sleazy tunes in the front room beginning at 10pm, complete with a Professional Development Workshop Set: Career Counseling For and By Cats.

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