Do You “include yourself in that us or not?”

AC Institute, 547 West 27th Street, Suite 610, New York, NY 10001; Tuesday through Saturday 1.00 until 6.00pm; Thursday 1.00 until 8.00pm

Four Exhibitions running from May 12th through June 18th, 2011

Joseph Farbrook (image courtesy of AC)

Michael Georgetti (image courtesy of AC)

AC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, which means that the director Holly Crawford hangs work that don’t necessarily have to sell. This is definitely not a bad thing. AC Institute fosters creative forces, upon which museums pounce after an artist has made it “big.” AC Institute website reads:

The AC Institute’s mission is to advance the understanding of the arts through investigation, research and education. It is a lab and forum for experimentation and critical discussion. We support and develop projects that explore a performative exchange across visual, sonic, verbal and experiential disciplines. We encourage critical writing that challenges conventional expectations of meaning and objectivity as well as the boundaries between the rational and subjective.

As an artist, scientist, socialist and more (with a Ph.D from the University of Essex in the History of art along with a B.A and M.A. in Economics and M.S. in Behavioral Science from UCLA), Crawford truly agitates artistic experimentation. Personally Crawford appears to shy from turgid prose. Her 2008 installation The Bone features “punctuation performance,” in which Crawford exhibits Clement Greenberg’s punctuations from his essay “Avant-garde and Kitsch,” eliminates Greenberg’s words and displays his “orotund” stigmeology.

Jonathon Keats (image courtesy of AC)

The KIT Collaboration + Robert Saucier (image courtesy of AC)

AC’s current show feature four separate exhibitions: Strata-Caster, Joseph Farbrook; THE DUTY FREE SHOP IS ON THE 3RD FLOOR AS YOU PASS THROUGH THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE, Michael Georgetti; QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENTS, Jonathon Keats; Virutorium, The KIT Collaboration + Robert Saucier. Not to spoil the viewer’s fun, this author decides to not write a formal critique. Notably the exhibitions vary in medium, yet all offer a cogent illumination into a human’s reliance and reaction to societal axioms.

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