Free Dance? Yes Please!

Movement Research at Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South. Mondays at 8pm, doors open at 7:45pm.

Like any New Yorker I am both excited and weary of free events –  and for good reason. However,  Movement Research presents a truly wonderful program of weekly dance programs at the historic Judson Church.  The dances are not finished pieces, rather they are workshopped for live audiences.

Deborah Black, Woman Holding a Balance, performed November 2010

Deborah Black, who is performing this coming Monday, discussed with me the importance of the program: “Personally, I am thrilled to be showing my work.  It is fairly high visibility across disciplines because of its history dating back to the 1970’s.  The fact that it is free encourages folks from the community to attend as well.  One never knows what they will see at a Monday night Judson performance.  It is a performance laboratory, a place for experimentation, a low risk, high visibility platform.”

In 1984 Burt Supree, a dance writer, wrote of Movement Research’s significance in the dance community:  “Movement Research doesn’t exist to purvey a point of view. It’s not the kind of jealous institution where students come for the one true word. It exists to keep channels of information open; to keep questions and answers flowing; to make connections between basic facts of anatomy and aesthetic theory and technology. It is a laboratory…”


January 31: Karol Tyminski, Elisabeth Motley, Deborah Black

February 7: JinJu Song-Begin, Satoshi Haga, Yve Laris Cohen

February 14: Jacob Slominksi, Saul Ulerio, Lindsay Clark

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