From the “WU-mb”

"Footsteps" by Louis Sarowasky

Executive Director & Owner of Gallery 151, Michael Namer restored a hidden graffiti-ed wall, which he had discovered in his SoHo building 151 Wooster. Numerous graffiti legends had contributed to the mural over time. At the 2007 grand opening of Gallery 151, Namer exhibited the infamous wall juxtaposed with works by “Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fab 5 Freddy, Keith Haring, Kenny Sharf, and ERO.”

Installation Shot

Since Gallery 151’s exposé of graffiti’s magnum opus, other significant shows continued to pop up at the storefront Bowery location featuring urban visual artists, designers and musicians.

Currently, curators Derrick Bernard Harden, Oliver “Power” Grant and Laura O’Reilly (Harden and O’Reilly are also directors at the gallery) have handpicked artists for Gallery 151’s group exhibition “Grassroots: Through the WU-mb,” up until Monday, April 4th, 2011, on view Tuesday through Sunday from 2:00 until 8:00 pm. “Grassroots” showcases Hip Hop and Street Visual Art cultures inevitable merge due to the collaboration between The WU TANG Brand and Minimal Dose 500MG, who present for the first time WU500MG MTM ALIEN spray cans and the Black Spanish Shearling Jacket Box Set.

"The Wall" by Jackson Kelsey and co.

The gallery’s atmosphere is always kicking, as it appears that even after 8.00pm (not suggesting, you arrive late), the space is clouded by spray-paint fumes and a few stray artists and viewers.

"Breaking Down the Door"

Complete List of Artist: Antonio Kel 5MH, Mint & Serf, Kipton Hinsdale, Sir Shadow, Walker Fee, Charles Shedden, Louis Sarowasky, Tobias Batz, Eric Jordan, Minimal Dose 500MG (Lucas Benarroch & Jamie Barnatan), Mickal Macraig Stubblefield, HYPNO, Maria “TOOFLY” Castillo, Jackson Kelsey, Patrick Sheehy and Neon Sandwich

Remember to visit the show before it closes because a percentage of sales and donations are given to the Red Cross towards Japan tsunami relief.

All photographs courtesy of Gallery 151

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