Men and Feminism

Panel Discussion on Saturday, April 9 2-4pm @ Brooklyn Museum hosted by the Sackler Center for Feminist Art. Free with Museum admission.

The Forum of the Sackler Center hosts an amazing array of lectures and panel discussions throughout the year on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The topics cover an array of social and cultural issues from throughout history. This upcoming event will focus on the role of male scholars of feminist studies in the 21st century.

“Three male professionals discuss their scholarly feminist training and how they’ve incorporated it into their work. The panel includes lawyerCraig S. Barnes, author of In Search of the Lost Feminine, sociologist Dr. Timothy Diamond, author of Making Gray Gold: Narratives of Nursing Home Care, and political scientist and women’s studies professor Dr. Paisley Currah, author of the forthcoming book The United States of Gender: Regulating Transgender Identities. Feminist historian Debra L. Schultz moderates and launches an audience discussion.”

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One Response to Men and Feminism

  1. Megan M. Garwood says:

    I would love to hear how this dialogue. When will people begin to realize that repetitive discussion over Feminism only impededs progrossion. How many lectures are held to discuss male art? This I not a rhetorical question; I ask it with sincerity.



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