Opening on September 8th . . .

Dissonance and Contemplation: Andy Denzler @ Claire Oliver (513 W 26th Street) Expanding the boundaries of abstraction and photorealism, Andy Denzlertransports the viewer to a place of personal memory. His paintings of secluded and pensive subjects invite us to enter into a private, psychological landscape, a desolate yet passionate narrative created through color, time, and mystical topologies. Employing a wet-on-wet technique, Denzler has perfected a fluid physical process that convincingly creates filmic motion.

Once-Blooming and Button Eyed: Alessandra Exposito @ Mixed Greens Gallery (531 W 26th Street) Expòsito presents a new series of hybrid sculptures composed of found objects and crafted organic forms, drawing on sentimental associations of loss.  Expòsito has long used recycled, found objects, usually in the form of animal skulls. In Once-blooming and Button-eyed, she moves from the barnyard to the roadside, where she is inspired by the evocative nature of stray, discarded furniture that decays and decomposes back into the earth. Similar to past bodies of work, Expòsito is constructing fictional narratives that reveal glimpses into the past lives of these objects and those who lived with them.

Husman Statue (Jessie): Frank Benson @ Taxter & Spengermann (459 W 18th Street) The exhibition features a a life-size bronze figure depicting a woman in a designer dress and sunglasses holding a pose, which mirrors the circular shape of a vase at her feet. The piece follows Benson’s hyper-realistic sculpture of a nude male,Human Statue(2006-2009), but departs from the earlier work’s trompe l’oeil illusionism by giving primary emphasis to the overall form of the sculpture and the natural color of its material. Both works recall figurative sculptures of the past, but the model’s  contemporary dress and angular pose clearly place Human Statue (Jessie) in the present. This interplay of modernity and classicism is reflected in the work’s realization: it was first designed digitally using photographic scans of the model, New York-based dancer and musician, Jessie Gold.

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