Rain Rain Go Away . . .

Spring seems so far away as the cold weather continues to plague New York. Luckily there are some great shows to escape to in hopes of sunshine in the near future. Enjoy!

Joe Fyfe “Wood/Cloth/Color” @ James Graham and Sons (32 East 67th Street NY NY)

Imagine calm blue oceans, endless landscapes and a calm breeze across your skin.  Fyfe’s large format photographs, wooden sculptures and abstract compositions are made of bits of found fabric from travels through South-East Asia. The rawness of the material is a meditation on its tactility and wondrous in its simplicity.

Saul Fletcher @ Anton Kern Gallery (532 West 20th Street NY NY)

Fletcher’s new solo exhibition of small scale prints are an eclectic mix of c-prints, Polaroids and silver gelatin prints with subject matter ranging from winter landscapes to portraits of friends and family from over a 17 year period. As if in a day-dream, images of people and places familiar to the artist are arranged in a non-chronological order lacking any coherent narrative.

Rachel Whiteread “Long Eyes” @ Luhring Augustine (531 West 24th Street NY NY)

Whiteread’s new series of translucent resin windows lack the monumental effect of the large scale projects which made her famous. However,  like her plaster casts of homes and libraries, these windows are ghostly in appearance and reflect a continued interest in the positive and negative dimensions of space and place.

Chris Marker “Passengers” @ Peter Blum Gallery(526 West 29th Street NY NY)

We all have drifted off to sleep while riding the train, but never do we expect to be photographed. Creepy? Yes, but nonetheless wonderful. Marker presents over 200 photographs of passengers on the Paris Metro – sleeping, eating, socializing – marking the private moments of travel all the more public. “Marker further to the photographs he takes, enhances, changes or colors his images on the computer, giving them often an eerie, almost otherworldly presence.”

Tom Burckhard “Louder Milk” @ Pierogi (177 North 9th Street Brooklyn NY) Opening Reception: Friday, 8 April, 2011 7-9pm.

Tom Burckhardt graffiti-cartoon-like works blur the boundaries between abstraction and painting. There is a continuous push and pull as figures emerge and disappear, forms come together and break part.  Burckhardt writes that his images are both ”mass-produced and they’re handmade and touched, and then they’re abstract and figurative. They’re all those things come together under the umbrella of a hybrid of some sort.” In context his forms hint at early 20th century modernism, yet his style is wholly fresh and new.

Eric LoPresti “Different Country” @ Like The Spice Gallery (224 Roebling Street. Brooklyn NY)

The title of this exhibition is based on a quote by Robert Oppenheimer: “The atomic bomb made the  prospect of future war unendurable. It has led us up those last few steps to the mountain pass;  and beyond there is a different country.” LoPresti’s landscapes are not the pristine American frontier popularized in the 19th century by Alfred Bierstadt, rather they are vistas deformed and damaged by man-made nuclear and environmental disasters.  He further scars these spaces by imposing on them darkly outlined geometric patterns. The artist was inspired by his youth in the desert steppe of eastern  Washington state, near the Hanford plutonium production site.

Joan Semmel @ Alexander Gray Associates (508 West 26 Street #215 NY NY)

Joan Semmel has been a fixture in feminist art circles for over four decades. Her recent paintings are of fragmented, doubled and split bodies made of thin layers of luminous paint. The confrontational gaze of the figures subvert the passivity of the classic female nude. About her work, Semmel has noted that “much of the revolutionary nature of Feminist art has been a seeking for new forms to invent a voice free of the dominant patriarchal tradition of the past.”

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