Top 5 Picks

1 Uwe Henneken “Nihilbilly”

@ Andrew Kreps on-view till 30 April, 2011. The German artist’s village scenes are part fairy-tale, part  apocalyptical.  The spaces are sinister, devoid of humans and populated only by abandoned homes painted in an acid color palette.  Yet, despite the strangeness of these desolate spaces there is a warm invite to visitors.

2 Jose Parla “Walls, Diaries and Paintings”

@ Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery on-view till 16 April, 2011. The paintings and installations in Parla’s exhibition replicate the alleyways and subway stations common to any city.  Using a variety of materials – including torn posters, chalk, spray paint and saw dust – in a graffiti style, he pays homage to the often neglected, ephemeral spaces of the urban jungle.

Michael Paul Britto and Kenya (Robinson)

@ The Kitchen on 29 April – 30 April, 2011 at 8pm (tickets $10).  Britto presents This Little Word of Mine, a performative investigation of the N-word which sees the artists as a preacher and conductor of a live choir, gospel trio, video, and sound mash-up. He brings popular hip hop music “into conversation with the audience who act as moral and methodological compass.” Kenya (Robinson)’s YOURMAMADONTWEARNODRAWS is a suite of live solo, improvised performances.

4 Juliette Mapp “The Making of Americans”

@ Dance Theater Workshops on 13 April – 16 April, 2011 at 7:30pm (tickets $20). Mapp uses Gertrude Stein’s novel The Making of Americans as a jumping point to muse on her mother’s family experience as Albanian immigrants in Gary, Indiana. This personal story is mingled with mention of Michael Jackson, who is a native to the city, and other music born in the industrial Midwest.

“I make work about dancing and the intersection between dancing and other things that I care deeply about.” – Juliette Mapp

Dood Paard “Reigen”

@ Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on  28 April – 30 April at 8pm ($30 tickets). Reigen was banned for more than twenty years after it was first staged in 1897. The Amsterdam-based theater collective, Dood Paard, re-stage this scandolous production using vintage matresses and gaudy attire. “This provocative play of love and lust assembles ten consummate dialogues between a motley collection of characters, all with the same goal: sex.”

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