A Silent Auction that will Resonate

On April 8th, 2011, 3.11 Project hosted a silent auction with the group exhibition DEAR JAPAN, WE LOVE YOU. The show was held at OPENHOUSE Gallery at 201 Mulberry Street between Kenmare and Spring Streets.

Image Courtesey of 3.11 Project

100 percent of procceds and all donations went towards The Japan Earthquake Relief Fund via Japan Society.

3.11 Project lists the show’s New York and Japanese artists: Albert Maysles, Cheryl Dunn, Chris Mendoza, Curtis Kulig, David Cook, David Ellis,Daze, Dion Agius, Edda Hansen, Eric White, Erik Foss, Harry McNally, Ivory Serra, Jared Deery, Jeffrey Robbins, Jeremiah Mandel, Joe Grillo, Jorge Antonio Valenzuela, Kenji Hirata, Kenny Scharf, Kenneth Cappello, Kenzo Minami, Kevin Bourgeois, Lenard Smith, Leo Fitzpatrick, Lisa Lebofsky, Lizzi Bougatsos, Lola Schnabel, Madsaki, Maripol, Marlene Marino, Maya Hayuk, Mick Rock, Mika Ninagawa, Mint & Serf, Mosco, Naomi Kazama, Pasha Radetzki, Pork and Spam, Rostarr, Ruvan Wijesooriya, Shepard Fairey, Shelter Serra, Spencer Tunick, Steve Nishimoto, Suzette Lee, Swoon, Timothy McGurr, Wataru Komachi,  William Robbins, Yuri Shimojo, Yuri Masnyj, and more.

Image courtesey of 3.11 Project

DEAR JAPAN is the first benefit hosted by 3.11 Project, whose members intend to foster long-lasting awareness of the disaster in North Japan. 3.11 Project plan to continue to initiate action by holding future events.

311 Project Members

Yuko Arakawa, Chiaki Matsumoto, Kenichiro Konomi, Nikki Stromberg, Maiko Kishimoto, Akiko Nose, Kenji Hayasaki, William Robbines, Erik Foss, Tanya Arakawa, Annee Elliot, Maripol, David Komurek, Nick Lewis, Rebekah Maysles, Hajime Nakano, Seiko Nishida,Daisuke Ito, Masamune kaji, Chikako Tanabe, Tatsuhiro Kufafuji, Kousaku Haruguchi.

Look out for more events from 3.11 Project!

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