Accelerating On the Curves by KTC

How to make it in the art world continues to be the unanswered question for many, inspiring the production of new art, exhibitions and social networking.  In 2010 Katharine T. Carter & Associates published a 360-page tome titled Accelerating on the Curves: The Artist’s Roadmap to Success.  This volume is plush with both resources and advice that seeks to help any artist take control of their own career.  Success is relative, regardless of what continues to unfold and appear in blue-chip galleries.  The most significant sections of this book appear in Book Three, which consists of essays written by some of the most respected critics of contemporary art.   Richard Vine, Edward Leffingwell, Peter Frank, Dominick Lombardi, Ann Landi, Dominique Nahas and Jonathan Goodman, to name a few, keep the reader’s expectations realistic.  These unique narratives of advice make this book by Katharine T. Carter and Associates a timeless must-read and a must-have.

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