“Control Panel” at Honey Ramka Gallery

by Johanna Juni

Control Panel | Honey Ramka | 56 Bogart Street | Brooklyn



Installation view with CMY2K (2015) by Ben Garthus and Itt (2015) by James O. Clark. Image courtesy of  Honey Ramka Gallery.

Bushwick gem Honey Ramka located in the Bogart building found the inspiration for the other half of their name while drinking Ethiopian honey wine. Honey Ramka’s current exhibition Control Panel creates a space reminiscent of the way our bodies interact and respond to evolving technologies. They provide the viewer with an overarching experience of technology, induced distractions and repetitions that occur both simultaneously.

Confronted with an undulating female abdomen depicted as moving landscape, the hot pink of a piece entitled Warhead by Micah Ganske and the presence of a long 360 degree wig appears an homage to Itt by James O. ClarkThis interpretation of the machine aesthetic possesses a lurking feminine twist and a disembodied presence of the body. 

The artworks by Ganske, Clark, Linda Francis, Ben Garthus, Tom Moody, and Yael Rechter successfully function together, each taking on a different facet of the machine aesthetic and bringing into relief new technologies by way of older art forms or vice versa. The individual pieces also function in pairs with a visual interplay between two sculptures by Clark and Ganske. Located on opposite sides of the room, Ganske’s static 3D printed Warhead sits in contrast to Clark’s living mechanical mixed media piece entitled Itt.  

Tom Moody’s animated GIF staged like a painting called Forest Blob makes one question the nature of video art as found in Yael Rechter’s RGB Landscape. Linda Francis’ There is no Wavefunction and Reality is Entirely Classical and Ben Garthus’ CMY2K both examine computerized ways of seeing unseen structures.  Our visual and aural senses move from exploding images to bright colors and our heads turn toward non-rhythmical clicking sounds.

“Control Panel” runs till August 2nd. Honey Ramka will hold a panel discussion with the exhibiting artists on Saturday, July 25th at 4pm.

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