Luminous Flux

Luminous Flux, Installation View

Regina Rex Gallery
1717 Troutman #329
Queens, New York
April 30 – May 22, 2011

by Lori Ellison

Luminous Flux, curated by Heather Hubbs, is a two-person show presenting new light installations by Forrest Myers and Jim Clark at the Regina Rex Gallery that balance edgy uncertainty with a subtle play upon color.

Split Decision (2011) by Forrest Myers

Without knowing anything about either work, I was first gravitated to Myers’ flat screen projection of four different pieces titled Split Decision, Snow, Two Million Colors and Their Opposite and The Image After. In each case, digital planes of color either shifted slowly from one hue to another, or moved sporadically through static.  The rapid movement of colors embedded within a flurry of black and white dots sometimes left the impression of an insect slowly moving across the screen.

Clark’s site-specific sculpture titled The Future is Now appeared in the space opposite that of Myers and comprised a clear bag of water that suspended precariously over the empty space of the gallery.   Clark also installed a color wheel on the beam above, which spun random hues down a fiber optic rope that illuminated the encapsulated water, giving this ephemeral work the look of a long lost gem.

The Future is Now (2011) by James Clark

Luminous Flux focuses on the ephemeral nature of light, pushing the envelope of this medium beyond the legacy of fixed fluorescence.  Although Myers perceives the viewing experience as something similar to a composer who sits down to write a score, Clark utilizes different colors of light to strike a balance between the invisible and the visible.

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