“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Adam Krueger

Infamous on New York City streets, the classic and super-cool duo Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Aaron Wall also know as Mint&Serf have curated an unexpected (for Chelsea) but much welcomed exhibition Well Hung at The Chelsea Chapter in the new high-rise +aRt. As a fundraiser benefit for Free Arts NYC, the show eliminates Chelsea buyer’s remorse after purchasing a work by one of the many well-hung artists on view until April 3rd.

Speaking of the artists, On-Verge would like to feature an individual artist from the show each day this week.

Adam Krueger presents the modern-day pedigree of Michelangelo. He probably could repaint the Sistine Chapel ceiling with a single-hair paint brush. Krueger’s nearly OCD-ish approach to creation hides behind a finished surface, but his fragmented installation process proves that he knows it is the 21st Century. The mere act of stretching, sketching, painting then cutting the canvas seems a bit disconcerting. After Krueger has placed the cut canvas to the wall, he positions painted pieces to play with negative space. Similar to a peep show, Krueger exposes just enough to capture the viewer’s attention. The tension compares to what one feels when he or she reflects on fleeting glances on the street, sheepish touches while navigating through a packed subway cart, all those vaporous memories that people nearly forget daily.

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Megan M. Garwood is a New York City-based editor, art critic, commentator and aesthetician, as well as the Associate Director at Leslie Feely Gallery on 68th and Madison. Her guilty pleasures include metaethics, morality, conceptual art, and Coney Island side shows. Feel free to contact her via email at megan@whitehotmagazine.com.
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