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Monumental Needles: Nuria Román at CATM chelsea


On February 16, CATM chelsea opened Desde la Tierra al Cielo, “From Earth To Heaven,” a critical solo exhibition for Spanish-born multimedia artist Nuria Román who has continued to confront the innate reciprocality between human and nature. CATM’s Desde la Tierra al Cielo is comprised of various mixed-media works combining paint, ceramic, stone, metal, woodprint, site-specific installation and photography.

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Painter’s Palette: Interview with Jacob Ouillette

Ouillette, Calliope, 2011, oil/canvas, 48"x60"

Interview with Jacob Ouillette who showed at Nancy Margolis Gallery from October 20th until November 26th, 2011 at 523 West 25th Street, New York, NY

Ouillette, Calliope, 2011, oil/canvas, 48"x60"

Megan M. Garwood (MMG):  What is a brushstroke to you?

Jacob Ouillette (JO): To me, it is many things.  In the first place, the brushstroke is the embodiment of an idea or feeling.  It is a voice.  The Brushstroke is … Continue reading »

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Greg Wilken’s Terra Incognita

Power Station, HWY 5, OR (On the Road of a Thousand Wonders), 2011

By Tucker Neel

Greg Wilken arrives at his final images through a process akin to a fact-finding mission. On these expeditions the artist is motivated by the discovery of a significant historical event or condition which results in research, field explorations, documentation gathering, and the presentation of evidence, usually in the form of framed photographs, films, and custom-made artist books. Taken at face value, it’s a fairly simple set of … Continue reading »

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My Mistaken Manifesto: Megan’s Meta-Criticism

Are we really...

Three and a half years ago, I came to New York after graduating from the University of Michigan with concentrations in History of Art, Ethical Analysis, and Philosophy of Morality. My first NY editor had suggested that I stopped writing like an academic (totally necessary). Still, I never published a piece without receiving a comment about “esoteric language” or “too harsh” of an argument. Editors never did me wrong, and … Continue reading »

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A Figure Flattens Japanese Artworld with Robust Tradition

Installation, photograph courtsey of CATM

CATM CHELSEA and Fund Art Now SYNAPSE by Yasuto Sasada (Japanese artist) November 3rd until December 4th, 2011 500 10th Avenue

Installation, photograph courtesy of CATM

Restrain from squashing the next cockroach you see: he may be your last. Could you imagine New York City citizens championing for our blackbeetle buddies? Artist Yasuto Sasada rallies people in Japan to help those who have been hurt by the series of natural … Continue reading »

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Directors Lev Anderson and Chris Metzler bring us Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone, which delineates sunrises and falls of the 25 years of Fishbone, an indescribable band who have created their own funk, while juxtaposing historical events happening in and around their hometown South-Central, Los Angeles, CA.

Not broke but, perhaps, “poor,” Fishbone has been a sensation since the members first met yet have not reached the same mainstream … Continue reading »

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Nava Lubelski: Roomful at LMAKProjects

Image courtesy of LMAKprojects

by Kris Scheifele

October 28 – December 11, 2011

Image courtesy of LMAKprojects.

Nava Lubelski’s last show at LMAKProjects was a blood bath, or so it seemed. Along one wall, a row of white canvases appeared to have fallen victim to a drive-by. However, the red splatter turned out to be Lubelski’s signature embroidery. Combining the mid-20th century maneuvers of Jackson Pollock, Morris Louis, and Alberto Burri with what was … Continue reading »

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