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Art Basel Miami Beach : la « miamification » de l’art Par Aïda Lorrain (en français)

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Art Basel Miami Beach : la « miamification » de l’art

 Par Aïda Lorrain

Lundi 19 décembre 2011

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Liberating the Airwaves: Free Radio’s Broadcasting Communities

Free Radio mock-up

— Kareem Estefan

Radio is, famously, a location-less medium. It exists in the “ether,” neither here nor there. Often it meets listeners in transit: on the road one catches broadcasts from the local station, or tunes in to more remote content from satellite transmissions. Depending on where the dial (or on-screen arrow) lands, one hears either corporate content assembled by automatic playlists or carefully selected regional voices; however uncommon the … Continue reading »

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Hats Off to Dean Millien of Con Artist NYC


Don’t miss Curses! Foiled Again featuring Dean Millien’s tinfoil sculptures.… Continue reading »

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We are excited to finally announce the release of the 4th installment of SGU (SpecialGraffitiUnit), art paper we publish a few times a year. Vandalism, trespassing and conspiracy charges, wilding in Roppongi with Yakuzas while getting thrown out of every club in Shabuya, #TokyoNews is your new guide to getting locked up abroad.

TokyoNews featuring Tanya Arakawa, Cat Marnell, Kamaryn Potter, Gogy Esparza, Osvaldo Chance Jimenez, Curtis Kulig, Greg Passuntino, … Continue reading »

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Monumental Needles: Nuria Román at CATM chelsea


On February 16, CATM chelsea opened Desde la Tierra al Cielo, “From Earth To Heaven,” a critical solo exhibition for Spanish-born multimedia artist Nuria Román who has continued to confront the innate reciprocality between human and nature. CATM’s Desde la Tierra al Cielo is comprised of various mixed-media works combining paint, ceramic, stone, metal, woodprint, site-specific installation and photography.

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Michael Minelli: Both/And by Megan Hoetger

from Souvenirs

A pair of men’s briefs that fit on a pinky finger; that quintessential comedic prop, the banana peel; a little bust of the cartoon character Olive Oyl mounted on a spindly wire; the still-shocking hooded figures from the 2004 Abu Ghraib scandal; a miniature car battery rigged for electrocutions; the small frame of eleven year old Kim Phuc burned by napalm; naked devil men; a minute vignette of two men … Continue reading »

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Painter’s Palette: Interview with Jacob Ouillette

Ouillette, Calliope, 2011, oil/canvas, 48"x60"

Interview with Jacob Ouillette who showed at Nancy Margolis Gallery from October 20th until November 26th, 2011 at 523 West 25th Street, New York, NY

Ouillette, Calliope, 2011, oil/canvas, 48"x60"

Megan M. Garwood (MMG):  What is a brushstroke to you?

Jacob Ouillette (JO): To me, it is many things.  In the first place, the brushstroke is the embodiment of an idea or feeling.  It is a voice.  The Brushstroke is … Continue reading »

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