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The Crux: Conversation with Max Razdow (Part II)

Max Razdow, Face 9, 2011. Pen, ink, xerox transfer on paper,9 x 7 inches,

Part I of this conversation can be found here.

Max Razdow is a practicing artist based in NYC.

LM: The symbols you work through function in a similar way, often recurring in a number of drawings in the series with slightly varied connotations. Are there any symbols you feel particularly strongly about? … Continue reading »

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Mind Over Medium

Sarah Charlesworth, Crystals, 2011. Fuji Crystal Archive Print mounted and laminated with lacquer frame, 41 1/2” by 32” framed. Edition of 8. (image courtesy of Susan Inglett Gallery)


Sarah Charlesworth: Available Light

March 8-April 14, 2012

Susan Inglett Gallery

522 West 24th Street

New York, New York

Prisms and other optical instruments perform an illuminated duet with simple, household items in Charlesworth’s studio. The images in Available Light are illusory hijinks, manipulating reflections to obscure object and pattern. Classic compositions with water in a bowl or a single candlestick stir thoughts of Man Ray’s still lifes or … Continue reading »

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Function Over Form ((LAST CHANCE))

Lebbeus Woods, "4 Cities & Beyond, Region R (2), 12," 1983, Colored pencil on stock paper, 11.5 x 7.5 inches


Lebbeus Woods: Early Drawings

February 24-April 7, 2012

Friedman Benda

515 West 26th Street

New York, New York

This exhibition presents the intricate early drawings, predominantly from the 1980s, of Lebbeus Woods’s utopias. His architectural drawings place the structures within a breathing world with an emphasis on their social and political utilities. Whether he is investigating how architecture can transform social hierarchy through his A-City projects or reinventing hubs … Continue reading »

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