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Color in America


On November 8th Jo Carole Lauder and the Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies (FAPE) announced its new collaboration with Crayola, the American crayon company that markets its products specifically to children. FAPE will now expand its reach and introduce the work of American artists, featured in their prized print collection, to students across the country. The partnership between FAPE and Crayola is significant since it weaves art appreciation … Continue reading »

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NYC SALT –> Support the next generation of photographers


NYC SALT is an organization that supports the next generation of photographers, cultivating interest in the form and providing access to equipment, knowledge, and experience. The program regularly recruits speakers to inspire further creative plunges into the unknown. The students, mostly in high school from all over New York City, have an opportunity to formulate a portfolio, cull advice from teachers and volunteers, and prepare for a future in the … Continue reading »

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