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Light Cycle ((LAST CHANCE))


“In the first room of the exhibition, the space is filled with rows of draperies of thin, translucent fabric that define narrow passageways. These walkways are filled with a cold and diffused light emanating from a regular series of fluorescent tubes mounted on the walls. The usual flow of movement through the gallery space is disrupted, altering perception of the interior and creating new areas of light and dark, shadow … Continue reading »

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Alexandre Arrechea at MagnanMetz

“I have conceived this new exhibition as a metaphor to the potential difficulty we experience when we relinquish certain stances or attitudes.  By losing the security that comes with holding onto all we know and the way in which we know it, we are propelled into emotional vertigo that can bring about an inevitable change in our attitudes toward the unknown.”  -Alexandre Arrechea… Continue reading »

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Harvesting Narratives: Tales of Rural America and Race in the Work of Mitchell Squire

Photograph courtesy of Cameron Campbell

By Elly Fishman

Photograph courtesy of Cameron Campbell














Mitchell Squire’s studio is located on the second floor of the Sheldon-Munn Hotel on Main Street, Ames, Iowa. The Sheldon-Munn offers storage space and low-income accommodation for local residents. It is also among the few remaining businesses along the boulevard. In the studio, the tile is spattered with old … Continue reading »

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Do You “include yourself in that us or not?”


AC Institute, 547 West 27th Street, Suite 610, New York, NY 10001; Tuesday through Saturday 1.00 until 6.00pm; Thursday 1.00 until 8.00pm

Four Exhibitions running from May 12th through June 18th, 2011

Joseph Farbrook (image courtesy of AC)

Michael Georgetti (image courtesy of AC)

AC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, which means that the director Holly Crawford hangs work that don’t necessarily have to sell. This is definitely not a … Continue reading »

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