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Light Cycle ((LAST CHANCE))


“In the first room of the exhibition, the space is filled with rows of draperies of thin, translucent fabric that define narrow passageways. These walkways are filled with a cold and diffused light emanating from a regular series of fluorescent tubes mounted on the walls. The usual flow of movement through the gallery space is disrupted, altering perception of the interior and creating new areas of light and dark, shadow … Continue reading »

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The Way We See It: The New Drawings of Ryan and Trevor Oakes by YACMP participant, Deenah Vollmer


“It’s easy to think that the world is out there, but in fact we’re in the pitch darkness,” said Ryan Oakes to me last June, gesturing toward our immediate surroundings. “The whole world exists right here,” he said, pointing to his head.

Ryan, along with his identical twin Trevor, are collaborating artists who have been investigating binocular vision for almost their entire lives. Though their work ranges wildly from abstract … Continue reading »

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