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James O. Clark is GLOWING at ltd los angeles


James O. Clark is GLOWING at ltd los angeles by Anthony Pinata

Photo by Jeff McLane

New York-based artist James O. Clark’s current show, March 19–April 16, at ltd los angeles, titled 1993 to 2011 in 2015, highlights his continued engagement with material and light. The pieces on display demonstrate his discerning and subtle use of otherwise bland light fixtures. He bends, twists, and manipulates them with his sophisticated and … Continue reading »

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Directors Lev Anderson and Chris Metzler bring us Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone, which delineates sunrises and falls of the 25 years of Fishbone, an indescribable band who have created their own funk, while juxtaposing historical events happening in and around their hometown South-Central, Los Angeles, CA.

Not broke but, perhaps, “poor,” Fishbone has been a sensation since the members first met yet have not reached the same mainstream … Continue reading »

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SABER, not ONLY a “Street Artist”


SABER The American Graffiti Artist @ Opera Gallery, 15 Spring Street, between Mercer and Greene Streets, New York, NY, 10012

As street cred gains more art world cred, street artists increasingly pop up in the gallery. Opera Gallery presents SABER The American Graffiti Artist effectively displaying his art in “fine art” context. SABER’s works explore compositional text alluding to graffiti while reconfiguring American iconography. SABER transfers graffiti to the canvas, … Continue reading »

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