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BOMBastic Bash, 2011, on Tuesday, March 1st

Courtesy of Antwan Duncan on ithinkyoureswell.com

Alternative to passé thought, art not only hangs on a wall to be viewed while nursing a highball of scotch. Art moves, dances, writes, sits, yawns—that is—when art happens to also be the artist. On Tuesday, March 1, BOMB Bash, 2011, clearly demonstrated the presence of performance in contemporary art ideology. Presented were six collaborations: FRANKLIN EVANS, NIALL NOEL JONES & PAUL DAVID YOUNG; JOYCE KIM & KATHARINA STENBECK; DEVILLE … Continue reading »

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Is Another Man’s Treasure


Photograph Courtesy of Marlborough Gallery

Steven Siegel, not to be mistaken for the action star Steven Seagal, does kick “Fine Art World” butt—proverbially, of course. He has worked with unconventional media, from organic matter to rubbish, for over thirty years creating a dynamic oeuvre. His sculpture’s aesthetics are pervasive, yet his use of abstraction invokes many interpretations. Seemingly, his subject matter is derived from concern for contemporary and global ecological … Continue reading »

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