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We are excited to finally announce the release of the 4th installment of SGU (SpecialGraffitiUnit), art paper we publish a few times a year. Vandalism, trespassing and conspiracy charges, wilding in Roppongi with Yakuzas while getting thrown out of every club in Shabuya, #TokyoNews is your new guide to getting locked up abroad.

TokyoNews featuring Tanya Arakawa, Cat Marnell, Kamaryn Potter, Gogy Esparza, Osvaldo Chance Jimenez, Curtis Kulig, Greg Passuntino, … Continue reading »

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Mint and Serf Presses the Press with September 2011 SGU issue WTC

June 2011 issue of SGU: PPP!

June 2011 issue of SGU: PPP!

Mint&Serf prepares to release the September 2011 issue of SGU, Special Graffiti Unit, a leaflet documenting New Yorkers’ memories of Tuesday, September 11th, 2001. While most newspapers or publications intend to honor those who have been lost and embrace that which remains, the SGU staff presumably aims to print reminiscences recalled by unlikely sources, those whom “legit” journalists may overlook. With great sincerity, Mint&Serf … Continue reading »

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From the “WU-mb”

wutang what

"Footsteps" by Louis Sarowasky

Executive Director & Owner of Gallery 151, Michael Namer restored a hidden graffiti-ed wall, which he had discovered in his SoHo building 151 Wooster. Numerous graffiti legends had contributed to the mural over time. At the 2007 grand opening of Gallery 151, Namer exhibited the infamous wall juxtaposed with works by “Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fab 5 Freddy, Keith Haring, Kenny Sharf, and ERO.”

Installation Shot

Since Gallery … Continue reading »

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“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Samantha West


Samantha West captures intimacy with her camera. The context of her photograph alludes to West’s intention and influences the viewer’s interpretation of the piece. In Underwater Part 1, West presents a face of a woman submerged underwater framed with, as well as hidden behind, frail and suspended strands of blonde hairs. The dichotomy of the two uses of hair intensifies an inherent tension found in the photograph. The subject acclimates … Continue reading »

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“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Jordan Seiler

Odesa Giving Up Gun

Jordan Seiler runs Public Ad Campaign, an organization that promotes the public’s interaction with public spaces. Public Ad Campaign aims at filling outdoor advertisement spaces with art to lessen the impact that privately owned companies or corporations have on people and their environment—making public property public again. Armed with acts of civil disobedience in accords with Henry David Thoreau’s theory, the organization intends to increase citizens’ interactions and generate a … Continue reading »

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“Well Hung” Artists: Feature on Andrew Poneros


Andrew Poneros grew up in Queens; therefore he was introduced to the city’s graffiti at an early age. He renamed himself PORK, his tag, as a verbal poke at the subculture’s tendency to canonize misspelled words as tag names. To amend his street style, Poneros began to carve stencils out of cardboard removing his artistic stroke from graffiti. Stencils concentrate on textual design, not simply a name. Moreover, he utilized … Continue reading »

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