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Understanding THE past/PRESENT

On Edge, 2015, paper pulp, watercolor, steel, found stone, 62x13x9.5"
By Mira Dayal One of the most challenging tasks an artist takes on is that of sparking interest in a work’s relation to the body without referencing the body. In sculpture this is especially vital as three-dimensional, upright structures inherently translate into bodily forms. Kathleen Schneider in her past/PRESENT installation at A.I.R. Gallery confronted this challenge with works that negotiate gravity, create textures, invite you to touch their forms and… Continue reading »
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Poetic Science Fiction

by Mira Dayal

You will find Julia Westerbeke’s art in a realm where National Geographic, Fantastic Planet, The Botany Coloring Book, and White Noise coalesce. She is inspired by nature–or rather, the intrusions of human creations into nature. Industrial tubes collecting maple from trees and chain link fences absorbed into bark formations have been past references for her work. Rather than mimicking these effects, however, the artist creates her own … Continue reading »

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Yvette Drury Dubinsky on “Tondos, Tornadoes, Torpedoes”

Aleppo Drowning

by Mira Dayal

After speaking with New York artist Yvette Drury Dubinsky about her latest A.I.R. exhibition, the process and development of Tondos, Tornadoes, Torpedoes gained clear historical significance and context within the artist’s body of work. The gallery walls showcase two parallel attempts to document not only Dubinsky’s travels and visual vocabulary, but also a global anxiety over the preservation and security of people, places, and ruins.

Aleppo Drowning… Continue reading »

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