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A Figure Flattens Japanese Artworld with Robust Tradition

Installation, photograph courtsey of CATM

CATM CHELSEA and Fund Art Now SYNAPSE by Yasuto Sasada (Japanese artist) November 3rd until December 4th, 2011 500 10th Avenue

Installation, photograph courtesy of CATM

Restrain from squashing the next cockroach you see: he may be your last. Could you imagine New York City citizens championing for our blackbeetle buddies? Artist Yasuto Sasada rallies people in Japan to help those who have been hurt by the series of natural … Continue reading »

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The Art of Seduction & The Skeleton in the Closet


A paperwork by Golnar Adili.

Complex personhood means that even those who haunt our dominant institutions and their systems of value are haunted too by things they sometimes have names for and sometimes do not.

~ Avery F. Gordon, Ghostly Matters, 1997

The 1960’s brought the death of the author and the death of painting, two untimely deaths that occurred at a time when minorities and women were demanding recognition … Continue reading »

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Interview with Irving Sandler

Kim MacConnel:Red Corner, 1978Painted and sewn cloth strips36 1/2" x 52 1/2"

Kim MacConnel: Red Corner, 1978, Painted and sewn cloth strips, 36 1/2" x 52 1/2"

The 1970s is a period that seems capable of sustaining multiple rediscoveries. The spirit of liveliness, broad experimentation, and eclecticism that characterizes the art of this moment resulted in the production of works of pleasing impurity, and the recovery of this messy decade is as alluring today for those who make art as for those … Continue reading »

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