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One Week Only — ‘Residual Images’ in the East Village

Image courtesy of Michael Redpath


“On the afternoon of September 11th 2001, Michael Redpath, a FDNY firefighter with Ladder 169 in Brighton Beach, was dispatched to the ruins of the World Trade Center. ‘The first thing that struck me was the silence,’ said Redpath. ‘Everything was covered with this ash. Everything was white. It was almost like a silent black and white movie.’ Starting just hours after the collapse of the towers and continuing … Continue reading »

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#NerdAlert — Lectures

Horace Vernet , Bertel Thorvaldsen with the Bust of Horace Vernet, 1833, oil on canvas, 38 x 29 1/2 inches. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.


Kathleen MacQueen, presented by the SVA MFA Fine Arts Department. Free and open to the public.
Wednesday, October 23, 7:00pm (136 West 21st Street, Room 418F)

A few preoccupations of note:

Photojournalism and the representation of suffering.

Presentation of artworks within the urban environment.

Placing the interpretation of art in the sphere of a shifting continuum where we acknowledge the alteration of cultural and socio-political factors.

Allowing art to … Continue reading »

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“Roden Crater and Autonomous Structures” at PACE Gallery

Roden Crater at sunset

by Mary L. Coyne

There is an assumption that unmediated experience, even one that is purely perceptual, is an impossibility—the unexplained is almost always preceded by a disclaimer or an exposé; a significant event is heralded by previews and preparations. Explorations of an anticipated future experience are displayed in Roden Crater and Autonomous Structures, which closed April 20th at Pace. The exhibition is composed entirely of plaster models representing James … Continue reading »

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NYC SALT –> Support the next generation of photographers


NYC SALT is an organization that supports the next generation of photographers, cultivating interest in the form and providing access to equipment, knowledge, and experience. The program regularly recruits speakers to inspire further creative plunges into the unknown. The students, mostly in high school from all over New York City, have an opportunity to formulate a portfolio, cull advice from teachers and volunteers, and prepare for a future in the … Continue reading »

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New Beginnings

Gideon Barnett


After The Fall at Garis & Hahn

Garis & Hahn is a new space on the Bowery. This first exhibition takes seven Yale MFA graduates and presents a pleasantly frenetic offering of contemporary photography. With an emphasis on community and accessibility, this show exposes the viewer to several lines of perspective revolving around the creation of an image. The comedy of reality, particularly in Monika Sziladi‘s composited images and … Continue reading »

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Closing Time: Part I

Ricky Powell, Cindy, date unknown. (image courtesy of artist

“In spite of his success, or perhaps because of it, Ricky remains first and foremost a New Yorker with a camera, as likely to shoot a puking homeless guy in Washington Square Park as he is Fran Lebowitz leaving a Tribeca restaurant. Regardless of who is on the other side of the lens, his photographs are seductive because of his candid ability to incite and then capture the “chemical connection” … Continue reading »

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Psychological Structure

Mikael Kennedy, untitled polaroid (image courtesy of the artist's website)


Mikael Kennedy: Between Wolf and Dog

Clic Gallery and Bookstore

June 7-July 9, 2012

255 Centre Street

New York, New York

The polaroids of Mikael Kennedy are an ethereal beast. Although the sun-drenched Glass House series by James Welling immediately comes to mind, Kennedy’s work emphasizes  human presence. The title of the show derives from a French phrase that refers to the time right after sunset, “the hour between … Continue reading »

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