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Under the Sea: Response from a Bottom Feeder

In Robert Storr’s reflection of his life as an art critic, he compares the art critic to a bottom feeder in the hierarchy (or better-worded hegemony) of the art world. He writes this in his final column for frieze, “Ink Tank.” Notably, Storr enjoys acting as the columnist most. (I presume a reliable check in his mailbox only slightly influenced his choice of favorite publication.) At last, an art critic … Continue reading »

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Interview with Robert Storr

Donna Dennis:

Donna Dennis: Subway with Lighted Interior, 1974 Mixed media (wood, acrylic and enamel paint, masonite, incandescent light, fluorescent light fixture - unlit, cellulose compound, charcoal, graphite) 75" x 43" x 32" Collection of John and Thomas Solomon Photograph courtesy of Bevan Davies

On the occasion of That Is Then. This Is Now., Cameron Shaw spoke to Mr. Storr, who is the current Dean of the Yale University School of Art. … Continue reading »

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Interview with Irving Sandler

Kim MacConnel:Red Corner, 1978Painted and sewn cloth strips36 1/2" x 52 1/2"

Kim MacConnel: Red Corner, 1978, Painted and sewn cloth strips, 36 1/2" x 52 1/2"

The 1970s is a period that seems capable of sustaining multiple rediscoveries. The spirit of liveliness, broad experimentation, and eclecticism that characterizes the art of this moment resulted in the production of works of pleasing impurity, and the recovery of this messy decade is as alluring today for those who make art as for those … Continue reading »

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