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Liberating the Airwaves: Free Radio’s Broadcasting Communities

Free Radio mock-up

— Kareem Estefan

Radio is, famously, a location-less medium. It exists in the “ether,” neither here nor there. Often it meets listeners in transit: on the road one catches broadcasts from the local station, or tunes in to more remote content from satellite transmissions. Depending on where the dial (or on-screen arrow) lands, one hears either corporate content assembled by automatic playlists or carefully selected regional voices; however uncommon the … Continue reading »

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Greg Wilken’s Terra Incognita

Power Station, HWY 5, OR (On the Road of a Thousand Wonders), 2011

By Tucker Neel

Greg Wilken arrives at his final images through a process akin to a fact-finding mission. On these expeditions the artist is motivated by the discovery of a significant historical event or condition which results in research, field explorations, documentation gathering, and the presentation of evidence, usually in the form of framed photographs, films, and custom-made artist books. Taken at face value, it’s a fairly simple set of … Continue reading »

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