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Harvesting Narratives: Tales of Rural America and Race in the Work of Mitchell Squire

Photograph courtesy of Cameron Campbell

By Elly Fishman

Photograph courtesy of Cameron Campbell














Mitchell Squire’s studio is located on the second floor of the Sheldon-Munn Hotel on Main Street, Ames, Iowa. The Sheldon-Munn offers storage space and low-income accommodation for local residents. It is also among the few remaining businesses along the boulevard. In the studio, the tile is spattered with old … Continue reading »

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My Mistaken Manifesto: Megan’s Meta-Criticism

Are we really...

Three and a half years ago, I came to New York after graduating from the University of Michigan with concentrations in History of Art, Ethical Analysis, and Philosophy of Morality. My first NY editor had suggested that I stopped writing like an academic (totally necessary). Still, I never published a piece without receiving a comment about “esoteric language” or “too harsh” of an argument. Editors never did me wrong, and … Continue reading »

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