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Jill Conner is New York Editor for Whitehot Magazine and is a Contributor to Afterimage, Art in America, ArtUS, Art Papers, Interview and Sculpture. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Serena Bocchino

unnamed (6)


Serena Bocchino. Soar. 2015. Enamel and mirrors on canvas. 28 x 34 inches.

Serena Bocchino continues to take any viewer on a lyrical journey that is imbued with the motifs of music, the rhythm of poetry and the consistency of prose. In her paintings and drawings, the artist throws the gestural line across each composition, marking both an investment in and reflection of physical movement. Of course this aspect … Continue reading »

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Color in America


On November 8th Jo Carole Lauder and the Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies (FAPE) announced its new collaboration with Crayola, the American crayon company that markets its products specifically to children. FAPE will now expand its reach and introduce the work of American artists, featured in their prized print collection, to students across the country. The partnership between FAPE and Crayola is significant since it weaves art appreciation … Continue reading »

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Stardust by Nola Zirin at June Kelly Gallery


December 18, 2013 to January 21, 2014

Nola Zirin. Voyager. Oil, enamel and glitter on canvas, 60 x 60in. Photo courtesy of June Kelly Gallery.

Nola Zirin’s recent solo exhibition titled Stardust features fifteen new works that introduced fifteen new paintings that introduced a unique, visual dynamism into the genre of abstraction while still reflecting the artist’s signature layering process.  Zirin rephrases pictorial space by exploring sweeping, painterly gestures that … Continue reading »

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Unzipped: An Interview with Suzan Batu and Sally Lelong



On November 9th, 2012 Suzan Batu opened up a solo show of new work at the Phatory titled Unzipped, on view in the East Village until January 19th, 2013. However the entire run of Batu’s solo exhibition paralleled the dramatic events that took place during hurricane Sandy, which left New York City emerging from flooded waters.  Art galleries throughout the city were hit especially hard. However in discussion with … Continue reading »

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Figuration and Violence at Marlborough Gallery


Musings on Marlborough’s Upcoming Group Show

Marlborough Gallery’s show card

These four artists – Ahmed Alsoudani, Francis Bacon, Philip Guston, and Paula Rego – will open a group show on February 21st at Marlborough Gallery that illustrates the painterly articulation of violence and figuration as made manifest through processes of distortion and caricature.  Bacon and Guston are notable names on the topic, while the paintings by Rego and Alsoudani capture … Continue reading »

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The Accidental Abstract Expressionist

Upon completion of the mural at Mexico’s University of Michoacan in 1935, David Alfaro Siqueiros proclaimed to TIME magazine, “It is my honest belief that Phillip Goldstein and Reuben Kadish are the most promising young painters in either the U.S. or Mexico.”  Soon after, Goldstein moved to New York City to pursue more work for the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.)  He changed his surname to Guston and removed an ‘l’ … Continue reading »

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The Beat of Max Beckmann

Jack Kerouac was driving around the United States in the late 1940s while Max Beckmann was traversing the country, moving from one job to another. Kerouac finished the first draft of his epic experience in 1951, the year after Beckmann had died.  Swiss photographer, Robert Frank, later documented his own cross-country adventure and the map looks very similar to that of Beckmann’s. On the one hand, it’s a coincidence because … Continue reading »

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