A Really Good Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art


by Jill Conner

Art critic Stefan Haus, based in Croatia, recently published A Really Good Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art, presenting old and new art terminology that call into question the paradoxical pillars of Modern and Contemporary art.  Over the course of nearly 200 pages, Haus provides lively editorial meaning to terms such as White Painting, Trouble, Ambition, Graduation and Xenophobia.

In response to the fast-paced art market that … Continue reading »

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Art is a Calling


from the studio of John Tomlinson

John Tomlinson. 2016. Courtesy of the Artist.

Is art a profession or a calling? June 4, 2016

John Tomlinson

The question asked by the title is asked universally by artists, art educators, students, critics – just about everyone engaged in the arts, in this case, the visual arts.

As common as it might be, it is a big question that merits addressing by all … Continue reading »

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In Conversation: Adrienne Tarver


by James Powers 

Adrienne Tarver, Installation Shot: Eavesdropping at BRIC Arts Media, 2016.  Photo Credit: Jason Wyche

Adrienne Tarver is an artist and educator working in New York. Her work was recently the subject of a solo show titled “Eavesdropping” at BRIC Arts Media, March 1 – 27, 2016. In this interview, she sat down with James Powers. James Powers is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He … Continue reading »

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An Interview with Isabel Waquil


by Georgina Ustik

Cláudia Barbisan, Exposição Obscenidades para Donas de Casa (2014) Isabel Waquil is the co-founder of the website “Mulheres na Arte Contemporânea,” or “Women in Contemporary Art”. Originally from Brazil, she has been based in New York City for the past few months, where she has been conducting interviews with members of the A.I.R. Gallery in order to explore the purpose and possibilities of a women’s cooperative art… Continue reading »
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Poetic Science Fiction

by Mira Dayal

You will find Julia Westerbeke’s art in a realm where National Geographic, Fantastic Planet, The Botany Coloring Book, and White Noise coalesce. She is inspired by nature–or rather, the intrusions of human creations into nature. Industrial tubes collecting maple from trees and chain link fences absorbed into bark formations have been past references for her work. Rather than mimicking these effects, however, the artist creates her own … Continue reading »

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Cordy Ryman: Chimera 45

Cordy Ryman, Chimera 45, 2015, Acrylic, enamel on wood, Installation view_high res-2

Lara Saget in conversation with Cordy Ryman at Zürcher Gallery about his new solo exhibition Chimera 45, on view through May 7th. Zürcher Gallery is located 33 Bleecker Street in New York.

Cordy Ryman. Chimera 45, 2015. Acrylic, enamel on wood. Installation view. Courtesy Zürcher Gallery.

Lara Saget: It seems that you respond to objects in a very visceral way. Did you collect objects as a child?  

Cordy Ryman: I … Continue reading »

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Snippets: An interview with Pier Stockholm


by Nanda Janssen

Pier Stockholm, “Do & Hope”, sidewalk view, 2015. credit photo: Anto Hinh-Thai

Editor’s note: About a year ago a new exhibition space appeared in Paris, France called Gleichapel. Gleichapel is currently the smallest art platform in the city of light. As a platform – not a gallery – director Jeff  Gleich is focused on presenting contemporary art projects by emerging artists. “Though works are for sale to … Continue reading »

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