Looking Ahead

SPRING is in the air . . . finally . . . and there is much to do, so mark your calendars:

Margot Bassett and Deborah Black “Gladys: a dance theatre trio for two performers” May 16 and 17 2011 at 7:30 PM @ The Tank Theatre (354 West 45th Street NY NY) $12 general admission, $8 reduced.

The evening includes a solo adaptation of Deborah Hay’s “I’ll Crane for You” and an original solo duet “thistle.”

“Urban Legend” Opening Reception Saturday, May 7 6PM-9PM @ Vaudville Park (26 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn NY) FREE.

While working in various media, the artists in this show share a collective preoccupation with evocative imagery. Video, painting, sculpture, prints, and installation contain fleeting glimpses of recognizable structures; traces of architectural, industrial, and found objects suggest allegorical points of contact.

Emily Roysdon “A Gay Bar Called Everywhere (With Costumes and No Practice) May 6 and 7 2011 at 8PM @ The Kitchen (512 West 19th Street NY NY) $10.

Inspired by the legacy of The Kitchen, Roysdon gestures to the intersections of performance history, queer culture, and feminist intellectuals in New York City, crafting an undisciplined attempt at herstory

“The Third Woman Interactive Performance and Film” May 8, 2011 at 7:30PM @ Galapagos Art Space (16 Main Street Brooklyn NY) $10.

The Third Woman film-game explores a theme of pervasive global threats to use bio-engineered terrorism in the 21st century. The film is only one element in a more complex interactive event. Using smart phone technology, participants can interact with media by responding to questions derived from ethical, moral, and social perspectives embedded in the content of the film. Performers on stage, wearing fashions made with semacode images, use their bodies as illustrative abstract shapes based on the QR code patterns to demonstrate how to scan the codes and link to The Third Woman media. Spilling off stage into the audience, they invite people to play the film-game. Participants playing the game become part of The Third Woman Interactive Performance.

Gina Ruggeri April 28 – June 4, 2011 @ Nancy Margolis Gallery (523 West 25th Street NY NY).

Ruggeri’s exhibition consists of two distinct but interrelated bodies of work in painting and drawing. Her subject is form, imagined in three dimensions like a sculptor’s vision. Depictions of raw materials such as clay, stone and wood are subjected to deformations by natural and man made processes. In many of her images, wholes break into parts, and particles dissolve into air. Slow decay, sudden cataclysm, and violent gestures transform everyday matter, underscoring its fragility and evanescence.

Amy Talluto “Huldra April 8 – May 15, 2011 @ Black and White Gallery (483 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn NY).

This exhibition features meticulously executed paintings and drawings, which characteristically for Talluto engage with depicting quiet and expansive natural worlds. The new works continue Talluto’s interest in using trees and forests as an inexhaustible reservoir of forms for her investigation of the interrelationship of movement and stillness, of rhythm and cacophony, of contextual claims and disorientation.

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