Art Hooks Fashion: The Gagosian Collection

Fashion Week begins September 6th and ends September 13th.  The 2013 Spring collections stand to be more interesting than those that have appeared previously with the debut of The Gagosian Collection, desgined by Cynthia Rowley.

Artist Nic Rad will also present Hope soap, channeling the upcoming political election offering bars that bear texts such as Hope, More,  and Less – available in three colors: pastel red, white and light blue.



Not to be outdone Rowley will also debut the Damien Hirst Dot Dress, a serial reproduction that extends the worldwide dot painting exhibitions that was launched by the Gagosian Gallery in January 2012.

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Jill Conner is New York Editor for Whitehot Magazine and is a Contributor to Afterimage, Art in America, ArtUS, Art Papers, Interview and Sculpture. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.
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