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Afterimage was founded by photographer Nathan Lyons along with the Visual Studies Workshop located in Rochester, New York.  (

As you may know, Afterimage has recently published a special double issue on the Aesthetics of Atrocity, serving as Volume 39, nos. 1–2. We are pleased at this accomplishment and hope you have had a chance to see the issue.

Although the issue has been very well received, the current economic conditions that are forcing so many print publications to close have caused our subscriptions to drop for the first time in many years. We are now forced to cut our staff hours to make up the budget difference this fiscal year. As some of you know, I (Karen) have been on staff at Afterimage for nearly 19 years. I am proud to have been so long with a publication that has served the media arts community with cutting-edge content for nearly 40 years and willing to do what it takes to keep the publication viable.

We are writing to let you know what you can do to help keep Afterimage in print:

• Purchase a back issue of the special issue for yourself or someone else who might find the content of interest.

• Renew your subscription or purchase a gift subscription for a friend or colleague.

• If your academic or public library does not carry Afterimage, encourage them to do so.

• If your local bookstore (big box or independent) does not carry Afterimage, encourage them to do so.

• Consider taking out a display ad for your gallery, publication announcement, conference, or other event.

• Encourage current or former students to get a student subscription (only $20/year with copy of current ID).

• If you teach a class in which Afterimage might find a place as an educational tool, email us about our  “Afterimage in the Classroom” bulk rates for print copies.

• Make a direct donation by sending a check to the address below, or through PayPal. These donations are tax-deductible. You can also donate via credit card by calling 585.442.8676 x. 106.

We thank you for your support during these difficult times for print media, and as always, welcome your comments and ideas.

Karen vanMeenen, Editor  and  Lucia Sommer, Associate Editor

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