Rirkrit Tiravanaji and Damien Hirst Online Collaboration

Seth Brychryst, assistant to Rirkrit Tiravanaji, has set up a blog that documents collaborations between artists. A Facebook link for the project may be found here.

Dear readers,

Just launched:  a blog to document a most unusual project by artist Rirkrit Tiravanaji, and will be continuously updated with new work examples in the upcoming weeks.
This blog is maintained by a network of studio assistants working together to catalog new (unreleased) works by their employer artists, after having received a “Gift,” sent to them by Rirkrit Tiravanaji.  The artist states that this project is about expanding his audience, even to the point of extending influence into other artists’ works, so that he too can reach those artists’ respective audiences.  Unaware collaborators include Damien Hirst, Gilbert Proesch, Takashi Murakami and others.

This blog is the only place currently to see the ‘Gifts,’ as well as many of the cataloged ‘influenced’ works — many of which are finished pieces, but also include a variety of media from drawings, DIY instructions, YouTube playlists, sewing patterns or even just brainstorming notes. 


Please note that not all the blog’s pages are open to the public — please contact me for access.  As well, not all of the works will be stored in the blog’s pages — rather the work will be posted with commentary — please follow the blog to receive its updates.



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