Triple Canopy Needs Your Help To Pay Writers

Triple Canopy is an excellent and revered online publication that covers contemporary art and theory.   This morning the Editors sent an email titled “Working for a living wage?” saying that they need help paying their writers.  Currently they can only rely on the goodwill of aspiring intellects.  Click here to support Triple Canopy.

Below is the letter from the Editors:

Dear readers,

Too often, small arts organizations find that adequately compensating the artists and writers with whom they work is out of reach. The amount of money most magazines pay their contributors hit a plateau decades ago, and many magazines have in the past ten years decreased their fees to nearly nothing. Art institutions in the United States tend not to pay artists for exhibitions and projects, at least not in a way that is commensurate with their labor (or the value they produce for those institutions).

We all deserve a living wage. But we understand that many laudable enterprises—Triple Canopy among them—simply can’t afford to justly remunerate their contributors and so rely on their goodwill; artists and writers assume that the cultural capital they accumulate as a result of their work will someday turn into a decent income. We’re trying to make that happen sooner rather than later. Triple Canopy has consistently increased as our budget has grown; one of our priorities for the coming year is significantly raising the amount of money we pay contributors and ensuring that all editors are reasonably compensated for their work.

Rather than rely on grants, we’re working to accomplish this through our new membership program. We’re not trying to guilt-trip you, much less ask for charity. Rather, we’re requesting that you recognize the value of Triple Canopy’s work—the money and the labor (and, yes, love) we put into it—and give accordingly. You can become a member of Triple Canopy and support the ingenuity and industry of our contributors for as little as $3 per month. For $5 per month you’ll receive a copy of our new book,Invalid Format: An Anthology of Triple Canopy and free entry to our events at 155 Freeman in Greenpoint; for $10 per month (only thirty-three cents per day!) you’ll also get the JF & SON Grid Tote, a sturdy—yet sleek!—nylon canvas bag with a full-length side pocket, designed after Invalid Format.

Thanks for caring, and for capitalizing.

The Editors

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