Two Calls for Teaching Artists

The Center of Urban Pedagogy in Brooklyn is looking for 2 teaching artists:

Call for a teaching artist for City Studies on air quality | Brooklyn | 10-hour project

We’re seeking a teaching artist to design and implement a 10-hour/4-session project for high school students about air quality at the Lyons Community School.

This project will be part of an 9th grade class, and will investigate who is responsible for air quality in the school’s neighborhood of East Williamsburg. The group will collaboratively create a project visualizing the many levels of responsibility for air quality. The class meets in March and April, during the school day.

Call for teaching artist for Urban Investigation Brooklyn 80-hour project

CUP is seeking a teaching artist to lead an Urban Investigation in the spring of 2012 with students from the Lyons Community School. CUP’s intensive project-based curricula enable students to explore fundamental questions about how the city works through collaborative research and design.

Each investigation begins with a key question about the city. To find answers, students go beyond standard classroom learning and engage in rigorous field research, visiting real sites and interviewing decision-makers and stakeholders. Students then collaborate with the teaching artist to produce innovative, engaging multimedia works. These projects are taken up by neighborhood organizations and advocacy groups and used to educate others. The topic for this Urban Investigation will be decided with the teaching artist and the school.

For more information and application instructions, please visit our website.

Both applications are due by email Thursday, December 20th, by 5 pm.

CUP is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages people of color, women, LGBTQ, and disabled candidates to apply.

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