A Time for Everything – Workshops at Columbia University

“If every image in history can be seen at once, if every idea can be communicated, rebutted and digitally reformatted, if every space can host any form of presence, if it is truly a time for everything, then how do we address all that information?” RSVP here.

Art, Information and Philosophical Objects
Bettina Funcke and Graham Harman; moderated by Matthew Ritchie
March 8, 6pm
Columbia University, Northwest Corner Building Room 501
(550 West 120th Street at Broadway)

Art, Information and Networks
Albert-László Barabási and Caroline Jones; moderated by Matthew Ritchie
April 19, 6pm
Columbia University, Northwest Corner Building Room 501
(550 West 120th St and Broadway)

Matthew Ritchie will curate a related group show, The Temptation of the Diagram. This survey of artists’ diagrams will be on view at Andrea Rosen Gallery 2 from March 29 to April 27, 2013.

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