Alison Knowles at James Fuentes

Alison Knowles “Clear Skies All Week” at James Fuentes (55 Delancey Street New York, NY) 23 February – 3 April, 2011.

After a wildly successful reperformance of her Identical Lunch at the Museum of Modern Art in January, Alison Knowles returns with a solo exhibition of new sculptural works made from paper and found materials.  The works evince the artist’s long standing interest in hand-made paper – flax, cotton and abaca – in which discarded objects  – including, shoes, eye glasses, rubber balls.  Since Knowles began creating art under the banner of Fluxus in the early 1960s her work has continually investigated the societal parameters between every day and fine art, between

As Knowles said in her acceptance statement for the College Art Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003: I collect shoe heels …. I am not hunting usually, just rushing to get somewhere like everybody else, but suddenly, unexpectedly, akin to a found item, a found time opens up…. The heel I pick up. …quickly, offhandedly …gets stashed in my pocket. There is a chemistry peculiar to the mysterious terrain I find myself in at that time…. I love to surf the street…. At home it gets cleaned, studied, it is drawn in silhouette, perhaps screen-printed with the name of an animal…. You know the worn shoe heels cannot be bought. Not for sale anywhere. Isn’t it special to have recognized the energy expended in a shoe heel.

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