Charlemagne Palestine

Screening and Conversation @ Electronic Arts Intermix, Tuesday, April 19 2011 at 6:30 PM.

In the 1970s Charlemagne Palestine produced a series of ritualistic music performances – which he refers to as “resonant music” – a sharp contrast to  minimalism of of his peers, Phillip Glass, Michael Nyman, Terry Riley and Steve Reich. He originally trained to be a cantor. His performances are overtly spiritual in nature and often shamanistic.

EAI writes that his work is “intensely personal and often violently charged, these phenomenological exercises are characterized by a visceral enactment of physical and psychological catharses. Performing in isolation with a hand-held, moving camera, Palestine taps the body as a conduit for the self. The very titles of his pieces — Internal Tantrum (1975),Running Outburst (1975) — suggest literal and metaphorical catalysts for release or escape from confinement.”

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