Flying Sculptures, Drones and Inflatable Objects…

Sample Flying Sculpture at 3rd Ward Artist Collective

Ever yearned to create a flying sculpture or learn the techniques of stop-motion animation? Curious about the elusive drone? Check out Alternative Art Classes at the 3rd Ward Artist Collective in Brooklyn.

“3rd Ward offers interdisciplinary courses in art, digital multimedia, photography, fabrication and craft. Students learn everything from screen printing and furniture design to welding and web design. Our courses focus on results. Students leave having screen printed a record sleeve, built a functional webpage or constructed a coffee table.

Classes are project-based and small in size, providing plenty of one-on-one instruction time. With a maximum of twelve¬†(and an average of eight) students in most classes, the discussion is always varied, lively and inclusive. Because of our diverse student body, it’s just as certain you’ll learn something from your peers as you will from your instructor.

Instructors are professionally active in their field and passionate about what they do. At 3rd Ward you learn from people with tons of experience and up-to-date best practice standards. In addition, our facility is the workspace for hundreds of members: artists, craftspeople and creative entrepreneurs. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with these folks in your classes and in our hallways.” –

For more information on 3rd Ward’s classes, please visit:

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