On-Verge July Listings

by Jason Stopa

Adam Henry. Untitled (2014). Image courtesy of Joe Sheftel Gallery.

The Hole

Go With the Flow: A group show of atomized paint

July 10 – August 23, 2014

The Hole kicks off summer with Go With The Flow, bringing together a cross section of artists who employ sprayed paint. Airbrush techniques, gradients and sometimes mechanically sprayed – these works reflect a punchy, renewed interest in digital aesthetics.

Featuring: Adam Henry, Austin Lee, Brian Belott, David Ostrowski, Dennis Hoekstra, Eric Cahan, Evan Gruzis, Greg Bogin, Jesse Edwards, Jessica Ciocci, JIMJOE, KATSU, Keltie Ferris, Michael Dotson, Michael Staniak, Rosson Crow, Timothy Uriah Steele, Trudy Benson, Wendy White, Zane Lewis

Henry Gunderson. Extended Model (c. 2014). Image courtesy of James Graham & Sons.

James Graham & Sons


July 10-August 28, 2014

Go uptown to see Sunscreen at James Graham and Sons.  This tightly curated exhibit takes a wide angle view at contemporary abstract painting.  Dotson and Gunderson works fall closer to technological mimicry, echoing cartoons and advertisements respectively.  Others still like Benson and Tyler, use virtual technology as a starting point for formal inquiry.

Featuring:  Seth Adelsberger, Trudy Benson, Michael Dotson, Henry Gunderson, Eric Shaw, Russell Tyler, Siebren Versteeg, Max Warsh


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