Runaway Parade

Runaway Parade launched in New York at the start of May 2011 and is now over a year old, showcasing literary and artistic work twice a month by emerging artists.  Their new issue is Trash which hits close to home in our post-Sandy environment. As we look to rebuild and renew, Trash is easily accessible and free to read online.  Here’s a clip from their press release:

trash /trash/ n. 1. a. Worthless or discarded material or objects; refuse or rubbish. b. Something broken off or removed to be discarded, especially plant trimmings. c. The refuse of sugar cane after extraction of the juice. 2. A place or receptacle where rubbish is discarded: threw the wrapper in the trash. 3. a. Empty words or ideas. b. Worthless or offensive literary or artistic material. c. Disparaging, often abusive speech about a person or group. 4. A person or group of people regarded as worthless or contemptible.

Emily Dunne (2012). Page from a Sketchbook, Mixed Media.
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