Short Stories

Short Stories @ Five Myles Gallery (558 St. Johns Place Brooklyn NY) May 21 – June 19, 2011

The works in the exhibition are figurative to the extent that each one could be expanded into a story the viewer can tell in his or her head.

This exhibition presents work by an eclectic group of artists, whose work has not been much seen in public. Two of the artists, Stephen Kuzma, and Sandra Osip, have been working artists for over four decades; Sam Tufnell and Jamie Davis are young, emerging artists, who are setting out on their careers. Caroline Parker, a painter, and Jason Noble, a photographer, both manage restaurants, and in spite of this demand on their time are committed artists. Michael Ensminger actively exhibited his work in the1990’s and after a ten-year interruption during which time he taught in the public school system, he is now presenting a new body of work.

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